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Ancestors & Descendants of James Francis Helvetius Hobler  (1765-1844)

 Hoblers :: Switzerland

The earliest ancestor currently on record is Jacob Hubler born circa 1557 in Twann, Bern Switzerland.  Jacob and wife Blasia Conter Hand, who was born circa 1561, were married in the early 1580s.  To date, three children have been confirmed as having been born in Twann - Nickli (b.1583), Peter (b.1585) and Jacob (b.1587).  James Francis Helvetius Hobler descends through Jacob Hubler and wife Madlena Burgunder.  Jacob and Madlena had three children one of whom was Hans Jacob Hubler, known later in life as Jean Jaques Hobler (Hans Jacob merely meaning son of Jacob).  Jean Jaques was in turn the great-great grandfather of James Francis Helvetius.

Little is known as to the movements of Jacob Hubler in Twann, although it is known that his son Hans Jacob Hubler (Jean Jaques Hobler) lived in Twann till about 1650, after which he and wife Marie Simonneau moved to Morges in the French speaking Canton of Vaud.  

There is confusion as to when the next major Hobler migration began. It has been suggested that early records from the Glasshouse Street and Leicester Fields French Huguenot Church in London document the Hoblers in 1729. This assumption however is challenged by Swiss records which state that the family were still in Morges.

It is known that baptism details were forwarded to London around 1736. It can also be confirmed that Hans Jacob Hubler's grandson Jean Francois Hobler migrated to England post 1729, subsequently marrying in London about 1753. In contrast, Jean's father Pierre Andre and mother Jeanne Marie (nee Buvelot) both died in Morges - Pierre in 1730, two months prior to the birth of his last child, and Jeanne Marie in 1770. In a news article dated September 18, 1920 the family's Swiss departure is listed as 1770 (possibly after the death of Jeanne Marie?).  According to information gleamed from a Newspaper article in 1843, Jean Francois Hobler migrated as an unwed adult, later meeting wife Charlotte Elizabeth Claudon in London.

Hoblers :: England

The Hobler name existed in England long before the arrival of Jean Francois. The first documented Hobler was from Yorkshire and dates as early as the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Known as the Anglo-Saxon Hoblers the family had a coat of arms - a blue shield featuring six gold acorns and three red roses. As for the name Hubler, it also featured prominently prior to the arrival of Jean Francois. The English Hublers were Teutonic in origin, having first appeared in the ancient medieval records of Bavaria. The Hublers also had a coat of arms - a blue shield featuring the golden head of an eagle.

While James Francis Helvetius Hobler's line of descent into England is yet to be confirmed in respect to time and place, what is certain is that by about 1753, his father Jean Francois had married Charlotte Elizabeth Claudon in the Glasshouse Street & Leicester Fields Church in Westminster, London.

By 1754, Charlotte had given birth to their first son, Jean-Paul Hobler. In 1759 they had a daughter Mary-Ann and between 1760 and 1763 they had another child whose name is yet unknown. Finally, in 1764, they had their fourth child James Francis Helvetius Hobler, also known as Francis Hobler.

1. The Pioneering Hobler - Newspaper Unknown - September 18, 1920 (by Bendleby)
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